Help with Product Lifecycle Management

Enterprise PLM First Steps

Are you using PLM only for storing and managing CAD data?

Do you feel that you are paying way too much for way too little?

You need to know if it is worth you taking the first steps to enterprise PLM.

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Unsticking a PLM Project

Are you starting a PLM implementation project but have ground to a halt?

Is there resistance from those user communities PLM is intended to help?

We can diagnose these common issues and offer remedies to get back on track.

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Programme Design

We offer services to design an implementation programme, help you engage with suppliers and co-ordinate with your stakeholders.

If you need help with contracts we can provide that too.

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Since 1996

Unsticking PLM

Over 25 years working in PLM on both sides of the table, I have found that the most common problems that crop up on PLM Projects are:

  • Getting stuck on CAD data management.
    Early EDM and PDM systems were used to keep all the CAD files under control.  Over time PLM technology developed and vendors charged more for all the new functionality but provided few clues on how to use it.
  • Getting stuck mid-stream.
    Ok you know what enterprise PLM is all about and your business management is agreed that you need to have it. There is a vendor selection, a project is launched, money is spent. But it all seems to take too long and after a very light "quick win" the project stalls.

Some simple steps at the beginning are all that is required to prevent these issues and, if one or other does happen it can be cured.  Graham M Foster is able to get to the root of the problem quickly and design a course of action to unstick you and ensure the project moves swiftly to achieve its objectives.

Next Steps...

If you would like some advice on your PLM direction please call or email.  The first phone engagement (up to 2 hours) is free of charge or call to discuss setting up a face to face meeting.

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