Consulting Support

We offer general PLM consulting support on a Time and Materials basis, applying many years experience with very varied customers of all sizes, many industry sectors and multiple countries. 

Below are some examples.


Keeping a PLM programme on the right track and on time depends on maintaining connection with business objectives.

Sounds too simple and obvious?

It may be obvious but perhaps it's not so simple to do.  Let us help you with

  • An initial discussion on benefits to YOUR business of PLM implementation or expansion.
  • An executive workshop to crystallise objectives of PLM programme
  • A deliverable aide memoire for all programme team members.

What You Really Need

Ok you have established a need to implement or extend your PLM capability. There is a set of business objectives that has been set for it and the return that will be expected.

How do you turn that into a set or requirements that can be technically implemented? Do you start with process re-design then implement to fit the process? Do you just lie down and let the vendor implement their "normal" configuration? How do you specify a PLM project anyway?

We can help you answer these questions and establish the cardinal points of the requirements you need to guide what happens next. We can help with workshops to bring key interested parties with us and ensure we are aligned with their points of view.

The output is specific but not detailed and so forms a solid framework for the detailed work that follows.

Project Management

It can be difficult to source a Project Manager internally to take charge of a PLM or similar IT project.

The best profile is someone who has an understanding of both the IT and business side, especially engineering and manufacturing.  This enables the incumbent to plan, interact with and follow-up competing elements of requirements, implementation and adoption to get the optimum solution. And to recognise early when the train is leaving the tracks.

We can provide Project Management services that fulfil this role.  An external, experienced PM works with the stakeholder governance (or helps you set one up) and drive the project to achieve clearly stated success criteria.

Next Steps...

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